Hi there! 
I'm Jayden, I grew up in a small town in the mountains of British Columbia. 
I almost always have camera strapped to my shoulder, my feet in a lake, and flowers in my hair. My happy place is in the thick, never ending forest with the fresh breeze blowing through my hair and my pup by my side. My parents were always bringing my brothers and I on road trips across the country and spontaneous camping trips up in the mountains whenever we had the time. I absolutely love aimless road trips with the man I have been in love with since we were 15. I am always outnumbered by animals (you could say I like them more than people(; ). I like to bake. A LOT. Cinnamon buns are my specialty.
This little shop is filled with things I love, I hope it can do something for you as well. This is kind of my way of inviting you into my world.
Let's go out and explore, mountain lovers!
xoxo - Jay
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